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However, no dukes of Frisia have been identified at that time in the primary sources so far consulted, and few contemporary references have been found to local counts.

The division of Lotharingian territories agreed 8 Aug 870 between Ludwig II "der Deutsche" King of the East Franks and his half-brother Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks allocated "comitatus Testrabant, Batia, Hattuaries, Masau" to King Ludwig but only refers generally to Ludwig also receiving "de Frisia duas partes de regno, quod Lotharius habuit" without specifying any of Frisia's component counties.

Of the different entities named in these sources, Van den Bergh retains four: firstly, Hunsingo, north of Groningen along the North Sea coast between the river Hunse in the west and Fivilgo in the east, thirdly, Hugmerchi (Humerche or Humerke, or Humsterland), which lay south of the river Hunse, west of Middagsterland, east of the river Lauwers, marking the border with Oostergo, and north of Drenthe, under the original jurisdiction of the dukes of Frisia and all located in the area east of the river Ems in what is today the north-western corner of the German Land of Niedersachsen (where the county of Ostfriesland evolved in the late 14th/early 15th centuries).

Van den Bergh's second group of "Frisian" pagi consists of Oostergo (Ostraga) and Westergo (Westraga), which lay to the west and south-west of Groningen, between the rivers Lauwers and Vlie, in the present-day Dutch province of Friesland.

Meginhard is probably identified with the early 9th century Graaf van Hamaland of the same name.

It is likely that descendants of the early Danish invaders settled permanently in Frisia and integrated into the local aristocracy.

"Ostfriesland" refers to a small region in north-west Germany, while "West-Friesland" is applied to the eastern part of the present-day Dutch province of Noord-Holland.

After 843, the territory of the future Netherlands became the northernmost part of the kingdom of Lotharingia, created under the treaty of Verdun which finally settled the lengthy disputes between the sons of Emperor Louis I.

The present document sets out the dukes and counts of Frisia, the counts of Holland, and the counts of the adjacent counties which were eventually incorporated into The Netherlands. The Continuator of Fredegar states that Radbod was defeated by Pepin "le Gros", maior domus of Austrasia, at Duurstede in [692/97], and that he made a treaty with Ragamfred maior domus of Neustria in [716].

The area constituted a convenient staging post from which to launch raids on Frankish territory further to the south.

The first Frisian land to be ceded to the Danes was Rstringen, on the mouth of the river Weser in upper Frisia (north-west Germany), which was granted to Harald King of Denmark in 826.

Frisia marked the northern boundary of the kingdom of Austrasia, although it is unclear how much of the territory was effectively controlled by the Merovingian Frankish kings.

The pacification process must have been slow and subject to setbacks.

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