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He even made several plays for Laura Tyson, the high-powered chairman of his Council of Economic Advisers.

"Once we were talking about an article I had written," Tyson recalled, "and he said: 'You should come over and show me your article.' I thought: 'This is bizarre.

Bill seduced any woman in sight - but let HER run the White House.

She paid him back with explosions of foul-mouthed rage.

Much later, Bill finally admitted under oath that he had indeed been involved sexually with Flowers - "a relationship that I should not have had."Did Hillary know this at the time the scandal erupted? Like her husband, she took offence whenever anyone publicly doubted her word.

But after the Flowers episode, she secretly worked with New York lawyer Susan Thomases and Wright to contain any more "bimbo eruptions." Subsequently, Jack Palladino, a San Francisco private detective, was secretly paid 0,000 to dig up dirt on a number of women who were likely to be trouble.

If the Clintons had divorced, they would have been more fathomable.

Instead, as Mary Mel French noted: "The Clintons are complicated because they stayed together." The intriguing question, as Hillary battles on in her own quest for the presidency, is why she has chosen again and again to give her "Hound Dog" another chance.

I want a div-ororor-orce." And Bill's former chief of staff Betsey Wright said the couple again came close to separating later that decade.In some ways, they remain an unlikely couple: the earnest Methodist overachiever who freely acknowledges "I don't do spontaneity" and the instinctively affable and loquacious charmer who makes everything look easy.Hillary considers Bill a "force of nature." Yet nearly everything about him is contradicted by something else.Political consultant James Carville warned against being misled by Bill's "quarter-inch of softness.You'll break your finger if you mistake that for going all the way through." The downside of Bill's magnetism was his compulsive need to seduce.

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