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It turns out Joe's mother is sick and has a 60 percent chance of survival. -- In the third-season opener, Gene prepares to go on Adam Carolla's radio show and take a lie-detector test regarding his sexual exploits.

She asks Allison if she knows what will happen to her -- she doesn't. One of my favorite things about "Medium" is Joe and Allison's relationship. -- As Jill and Allyson journey to a plush health center on Martha's Vineyard, Ramona gears up for a Hamptons-based fashion show and Lu Ann's daughter participates in an elite equestrian competition.

The next day, she goes to school and the boy is pulled out of class and told his mother has died. The two men butt heads as they try to determine if he's guilty or innocent.

Detective Scanlon is put on the case -- he's actually the only cop working because the rest are taking a "sick day" because of contract negotiations. As Ariel dreams about her classmate, Allison dreams about a dentist who hired a young prostitute.

Since season 1, the show has been transmitted 24/7 over the Internet, with people going to websites to post constant updates about what is going on in the house.Amsterdam also continues his search for "the one." Pussycat Dolls Present Girlicious -- Cassandra goes home, but not before the girls get makeovers. After a night out in Hollywood to show off their new look, rehearsals get ugly -- no thanks to roller skates and lame excuses. She has a rough start, but wows food critics and the owner. Has a chat room powered by Meebo for fans to discuss the latest happenings in the house.Big Brother Official Site - The official site of Big Brother USA on CBS that features houseguest profiles, episode videos and more.

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(Our own Adam Ostrow is also a fan, but I'm not sure he'll fess up, so I'm doing it for him!

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