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Meaning — there's a good chance he's secretly wishing you'd mix things up! Today, I am going to show you six techniques to help you give your man the most enjoyable oral sex he has ever received.

Perfect for keeping him happy, rocking his world in new ways, and getting him to return the favor: I am constantly surprised to hear people say that men don't enjoy foreplay as much as women do. Men may never actually tell you that they like foreplay, but your guy will have much more powerful and enjoyable orgasms if you engage in foreplay with him before actually giving him a Think about how you kiss him.

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You can try licking from the tip down to the base of his cock too, but often you'll find that technique to be a little awkward.

Instead, reduce the speed of whatever you are doing and make all movements with your tongue, mouth and hands much softer.

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The thing is that most guys love this if you use it with other techniques like: Some women think that using their hands during oral sex is cheating.

This is pretty ludicrous, as it's not cheating at all. The easiest way to use your hands when giving him a blowjob is to just grab his shaft and slowly massage it up and down like you would when giving him regular hand job. The first four techniques will give you a great start to giving your man more enjoyable oral sex, but don't just stop there; why not learn some more advanced techniques?

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