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However where the right man shows an interest, she is initially shy but, just below the surface, is very highly sexed and quickly finds it easy to forget all about hubby and focus on someone more exciting.

He in turn stands meekly by as soon as he sees his wife’s interests switch elsewhere.

We have a hotel booked and the guy is going to meet us in the bar area.

Jasmine is taking him up to our room while I'm made to wait in the bar.

Of course this not a "whole of life thing" - we all have our "real lives" to lead but equally we are looking for much more than "casual, clinical swinging", so we feel that one-off meetings or very occasional opportunities simply wouldn't allow things to develop as all 3 of us deserve.

Certainly we'd hope for at least a couple of meeting s each month but potentially more if things work out well.

Likewise, we don’t have a problem if you are married or in a relationship provided you can manage things without anyone getting burnt. Just want a genuine couple who are willing to try different things and are friendly "I'm on the lookout too. Just want a genuine couple who are willing to try different things and are friendly "For us it's difficult, most of the guys don't take the time to understand the couple and see the cuckolding as a great way to get to the woman! I personally think the best Bull's would be guys who themselves had been cuck's as they would understand the dynamic!

She said she might message me to go up and watch or might just leave me there until he has finished with her.

We can't wait for Saturday to come "We have something similar arranged for this Saturday.

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We are looking for a male friend, for fairly regular meetings as her Boyfriend, intimately and sexually, as well as assuming a social and psychologically role as Alpha-Male and Bull to us as a couple.

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