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ACCDB databases, it is necessary in these cases to install a 64-bit version of the “Microsoft Database Access Engine” driver.If on your system there is an MS Office or Access installed then you need to use exactly the same Flow Heater variant (32-bit or 64-bit) as your Office/Access installed: For a 64-bit Office/Access installation you require the 64-bit Flow Heater variant, conversely for a 32-bit Office/Access installation you need the 32-bit Flow Heater variant, even when you are using a 64-bit operating system!SQL: data available varies according to the side of the Adapter in use: On the READ side: here you can choose from Tables and Views. On the READ side you also have the possibility to enter complex SQL statements in the text field. In the second combo box the tables and views are listed that are available in the specified Access database.Fields: When you click the Load Schema button, information is retrieved from the database schema (field names, field sizes, data types, primary key, etc.) for the SQL statement above.

Note: Note: Microsoft Access ADP and ADE database projects are not supported by the Access Adapter; you should use the SQL Server Adapter for these instead.The Access Adapter in Flow Heater is responsible for the direct connection to data in Microsoft Access databases.The Adapter makes it possible to import, export and update data in MDB, MDE, ACCDB and ACCDE Access databases.If the database is protected with a password, you can optionally enter it here.If you want to store the password it is necessary to check the "Save Password" option here.

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