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The organic matter and trash reaching the bay from the surrounding industries through tributaries and creeks or from the direct discharge of untreated domestic sewage is another problem.

It has been reduced from an average of 105 tons per day in the past decade to 85 in the late 1990s.

The bay is the most important trade hub of the island as well as the preferred dumping site for the growing population that has settled in the capital city at the water’s edge.

Domestic garbage, sewage, industrial waste and the refuse of the growing commercial ship traffic are routinely disposed of directly into the waters of the bay or in nearby sites and tributaries.

During the past decade, direct dumping of untreated industrial liquid waste into rivers, aquifers or the sea around Cuba has been the norm.

At best some of the waste received a low level of treatment.

Water Pollution It is estimated that throughout Cuba about 430 million cubic meters (113.5 billion gallons) of water contaminated with agricultural, industrial and urban wastes are dumped into the sea annually (Nuevo Atlas Nacional de Cuba, 1989).

More than 3,270 million cubic meters (863.4 billion gallons) find their way into rivers.

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Fortunately this has begun to change however slowly in the 1990s.

An example is a report by Hernandez and Bonito (1998) documenting severe air pollution in Havana.

Their research, dating back to 1994, focused on the sulfating index (the amount of sulfur oxides emanating primarily from industrial chimney stacks) in the core of Havana, where roughly one million people, or roughly 47 percent of the city’s total population reside, and where the density in some municipalities surpasses 750 dwellers per city block.

Sulfur oxides—undesirable residues of combustion that are produced mostly in power plants when sulfur-rich fuels are burned—create respiratory problems and cause acid rain.

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