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“We knew we could perform, we knew we could write, and everything but – did we know we could run a business? In a two-and-a-half year period, they’ve already amassed a staggering nine shows, six DVDs, five CDs and 28 costumes. “You know there are moments when you could really be doing without another four hour van drive or you want to just spend some time with your family, but on the whole it’s just so rewarding.” And one of the great things Funbox has given Anya, Gary and Kevin is the chance to spread their wings a little bit more creatively, with creative control over the productions.

It’s given them a chance to separate themselves from the things they had done previously with the Singing Kettle.

If you have any change log info you can share with us, we'd love to hear from you!

Grab your carry-along fun box and discover farm life.

“So we think what do they want to get dressed up as? “We had a boy actually who turn up for a deep sea dive in a full deep sea diver’s outfit, with plastic bottles in his back and everything – so we do love to see the creative outfits, they’re great! “I always marvel at these parents that manage to do these things and do them so well, so it’s great to see the effort people put in for us.

“The best thing is, we have seen a few grown-up mermaids!

Providers are required to keep their own records of complaints, which parents and carers can ask to see.

If there are no conditions displayed then Ofsted has not restricted the registration.

Please note that a new Early Years Foundation Stage came into effect in September 2012.

It contains: • A book: The Little Farm Helper tells the story of Victor who gets to be a helper for the day at his grandparents’ farm.

• A 36-piece double-sided jigsaw puzzle: Put the pieces together, turn it over and color it!

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