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I treat most symptoms and problems including marital problems, but I do so in a distinctively Christian healing framework.I also have a Masters in Divinity degree, am a CPA, and hold 2 Masters degrees in Business including a Kellogg MBA.I see myself as a guide, who can help you resolve your emotional issues of the past and the present.Working together, we can open the door to a brighter and more confident future for you.""Counseling can be a liberating and life-changing experience.I strive to build a genuine, supportive therapeutic relationship with each client to help achieve these goals.I have counseled for 16 years in a variety of settings, to include a community mental health agency, private practice, and a correctional facility.""I believe that each person wants to be heard, accepted, and validated.

I've helped hundreds of couples headed toward divorce fall in love again and experience a successful marriage, and I'd love to help you too.""Are you facing the possibility of a marriage or relationship breakup?

Our journey begins by identifying and utilizing your strengths as building blocks for change.

My goal is to help you embrace and work through your struggle, be it mood/emotion, anxiety, relationship issues, grief/loss, or simply identifying and cultivating a deeper happiness in life.""The journey to effective change begins where you are; and realizing this is only one chapter of your life; you have the choice how your future chapters are written.

My experience includes using a collaborative and integrated approach to work with issues such as relational conflict, anger management, anxiety, stress management, anxiety, and professional development.

Ask about our Brief Counseling services (), life coaching, or supportive services.""A lot of people are against counseling, because they do not really understand what it means.

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I also do executive/managerial coaching.""For most of my adult life I was highly skeptical about the benefits of any kind of counseling including Christian counseling.

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