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In the 5th century BC, principally as seen through the figure of Pericles, the generals could be among the most powerful people in the pols.For private suits the minimum jury size was 200 (increased to 401 if a sum of over 1000 drachmas was at issue), for public suits 501.The institutions sketched above – assembly, officeholders, council, courts – are incomplete without the figure that drove the whole system, Ho boulomenos, he who wishes, or anyone who wishes.dike (δίκη) or private suit, and a larger kind known as graphe or public suit.Under Cleisthenes reforms, juries were selected by lot from a panel of 600 jurors, there being 600 jurors from each of the ten tribes of Athens, making a jury pool of 6000 in total.However, even with Solon s creation of the citizen s assembly, the Archons and Areopagus still wielded a great deal of power.Thucydides, from his Aristocratic and historical viewpoint, reasoned that the common people were often much too credulous about even contemporary facts to rule justly.

any citizen with full citizen rights) could bring a case since the issues in these major suits were regarded as affecting the community as a whole.Under these reforms, the position of archon was opened to all with certain property qualifications, and a Boule, a rival council of 400, was set up.It was modified somewhat after it was restored under Eucleides; the most detailed accounts of the system are of this fourth-century modification rather than the Periclean system.The authority exercised by the courts had the same basis as that of the assembly: both were regarded as expressing the direct will of the people. Of these three bodies was is the assembly and the courts that were the true sites of power – although courts, unlike the assembly, were never simply called the demos (the People) as they were manned by a subset of the citizen body, those over thirty. There were in fact some limitations on who could hold office.The longest-lasting democratic leader was Pericles. Cleisthenes restricted its membership, to those of zeugitai status and above, probably arguing that these classes had a financial interest in good government.

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