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Banaras Hindu University (BHU) vice chancellor Girish Chandra Tripathi said police didn’t baton-charge female students, but only used force to drive away anti-social elements who hurled stones and vandalised the campus on the night of September 23.The vice-chancellor also dubbed the eve-teasing incident as part of a larger conspiracy to instigate female students against him. Since the day I took over as vice-chancellor, I have been treating the students, professors and other faculty members of BHU as my own family.It emerged today that the cladding installed on Grenfell was not designed for use on buildings taller than 10metres high - a fraction of the 67metre Grenfell block.The Department for Communities and Local Government said cladding with a flammable core - like that used on Grenfell Tower - was banned on buildings over 18metres high.

The Chancellor said criminal probes and a public inquiry into the disaster would answer why the controversial material was used.“She also said that they were not allowing her or her friends to leave the protest venue.They were, in a way, holding her hostage.”The vice chancellor went on to claim that the victim requested him to visit Triveni hostel to conduct a dialogue on the matter. However, many anti-social elements waylaid me at the gate and began hurling stones as well as petrol bombs,” he said.Documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday from Arconic clearly show that its cladding products containing polyethylene (PE) should not be used on buildings over a height of 10 metres.Arconic said: 'It is crucial to choose the adapted products in order to avoid the fire spreading to the whole building.

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