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So how can you use technology, especially social media to your advantage?

Everybody uses it anyway, so I am pretty sure you and your guests will love the following ideas: 1.

Positive comments on a new outfit thereby reinforce our urge to buy more.

It’s quite remarkable how important social media has become in the past few years.

Outdoor twister Take a classic game of twister to the next level with food colouring!

Simply colour small portions of the grass to emulate a Twister board. Pool decorations Decorate the pool with waterbombs, plastic swans and noodles ready for the party.

I know I can’t speak for every woman out there, but it’s pretty safe to say that most of us love to shop.

For some reason, a new dress or handbag makes us feel as good as getting our nails done or trying some new lipstick.

Now replace friends or family with all the people that follow you on social media and you have a much larger group looking at you.

This is not just limited to fashion, but also applies to homewear, make up and food.

In a survey by British fashion retailer TK Maxx, 25 per cent of people admitted to being influenced by comments and likes they received on social media.

Keep them out of direct sunlight since the suns rays can pierce through and pop the balloons before the party.

Lucky there are handy tools that can help to fill up to 100 balloons per minute!

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