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At first "salad" referred to various kinds of greens pickled in vinegar or salt. It remained a feature of Byzantine cookery and reentered the European menu via medieval Spain and Renaissance Italy.Coinicidentally, Maraschino cherries were also introduced in the 1920s.

We'd say Dole, manufacturer of both pineapples and bananas, was the driving force behind this item. Bananas were widley availble to American cooks from the 1880s forward. Food historians tell us salads (generally defined as mixed greens with dressing) were enjoyed by ancient Romans and Greeks. The basis for the word salad is 'sal', meaning salt. The word salade later referred to fresh-cooked greens of raw vegetables prepared in the Roman manner." ---Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, Solomon H.As time progressed, salads became more complicated. Dinner salads, as we know them today, were popular with Renaissance folks. This was chosen because in ancient times, salt was often an ingredient in the dressing. Katz, editor and William Woys Weaver, associate editor [Charles Scribner's Sons: New York] 2003, Volume 3 (p.It was presented in this socialite menu; no description or recipe included: "Fruit Cocktail, Chicken a la King, Mashed Potatoes, Buttered Peas, Rolls, Olives, Candle Salad, Cheese Straws, Fancy Cakes, Nut Ice Creams, Candies and Nuts, Coffee."---Oelwein Daily Register [IA] April 5, 1916 (p.4) By the end of the decade, Candle Salad was being promoted as a time-honored tradition on par with Santa and is reindeer. Notice how the recipes grow more complicated as the decade progresses.

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This arduous approach to salad making became an identifying feature of cooking-school cookery and the signature of a refined household...

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